5 reasons to join TYRRO

1. You will become the best that you can be!

2. You will work on high impact problems!

3. You will solve environmental challenges!

4. You will add to the development of the humanity!

5. You will become part of the greatest team!

Get to know us


Good humour and eagerness to support each other is a daily escort at Tyrro. Joyful sense of discovery and positive attitude towards future unite our team. Innovating one’s way out of any challenge and enjoying the process of moving humanity forward, that is what it’s all about being part of Tyrro.

Tips to get hired

When sending your CV or coming for a work interview try to decide what are your true passions and strengths in advance. Answer yourself what are your main features that differ you from others – 5 distinctive features are enough. Focus on strengths, not weaknesses. Remember, you can only build success on strengths. If you are truly prepared to become the best version of yourself at Tyrro, chances are that this is the right place for you.

Mission and values

Everything that has been said in this section has to be placed into context. Why? We want the humanity to have the bright future. How? By putting the best knowledge at hand into action and subsequently distributing it to customers. What? Sustainable modular utility plants that reinvent how the world is supplied with necessary resources.


Open space type of work areas mirror the culture of team sport, while a variety of enclosed discussion, meeting and relaxation rooms allow for more focused work. Once inside, you will find broad range of age, gender and personality type diversity. All this variety makes us stronger and generates wealth of opinions as well as solutions. Engineers, test labs and manufacturing premises are located under one roof. These circumstances provide us with endless creativity and development environment. Bicycle parking places are reserved for those who practice sustainability daily.

What we look for

We look for todays as well as future leaders and knowledge society members. We believe that knowledge is everything and that only those people who can put information into action can move the society forward. We look for people who either already have the knowledge or are willing to put in all effort to accumulate it, focus on single most important goal and implement it. We look for those who are ready to invest everything it takes to become the best version of themselves.

Fun part

Life and work is not only all about solving the problems. Here at Tyrro we keep enjoying the process as well as the great humour radiated by our team.

Currently we look for

International procurement manager

This position will join our procurement team and will enjoy the pleasures as well as challenges of international purchases.

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Natural willingness to communicate, travel and negotiate are the necessary features that our team is looking for. Person should view the global market of procurements as a single market and reach for to create perfect supply chain for Tyrro. Goal is to become the best procurement manager in the world. Few years of corresponding experience is beneficial.

Tell us more about yourself via career@tyrro.com

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Heat pump technology engineer

Engineer that will occupy this position will work in heating and cooling department with energy transition processes.

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Superb understanding of refrigeration technologies is required. Deep expertise in various types of refrigerants is also necessary. You will work in developing standard and non-standard heat pumps for modular power plants. Your main goal will be to become the major expert of heat pump technologies.

Tell us more about yourself via career@tyrro.com

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Sales engineer

Rare type of people is expected to occupy this position. Cold wisdom of an engineer has to meet an outgoing character of a sales manager.

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You have to love and enjoy the communication process, while at the same time exceptional traits of an engineer have to be available. You will be a critical link between internal Tyrro team and external clients, therefore long hours of communicating and explaining should not discourage you. As you will be selling complex custom-made products, broad understanding of energy processes and other engineering challenges of modular plants have to be well understood. Adventurous personalities will be best suited as lots of travelling is expected. Your ultimate goal will be to capture all of the value that lies out in the customers’ territory.

Tell us more about yourself via career@tyrro.com

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