Modular utility plants

Tyrro designs, develops and manufactures modular utility power plants. They embody the utmost efficient and modern way of building utility plants. Benefits: 1. Highest possible quality due to innovative technology 2. Fastest delivery time 3. Lowest construction costs and on-site expenses 4. Endless customizability 5. Minimized space, material and labour usage 6. Top aesthetical appeal.

Prefabricated units

When full-scale modular plants are inapplicable, Tyrro custom designs and produces prefabricated hydraulic units. This technology allows making on-site installations by up to 60% more efficient while at the same time enjoying factory quality.

Heat pumps

Tyrro manufactures a full scale of various heat pumps. Range starts from standard 4-20kW units, followed by more powerful but still standardized units delivering 40-200kW of output and topped by 200-1000kW custom-built heat pumps. A variety of most efficient refrigerants (including natural ones), compressor types (from scroll to reciprocating) and other accompanying technologies like desuperheating, inverter controlled capacity are applied. Tyrro heat pumps stand out in the market due to the efficiency as well as very flexible customizability of size, function and options.



Being a custom-built plant designer and manufacturer Tyrro has a very strong design department, which is open to support customers with design services related to principle schemes, layouts, detailed design of energy production, storage, distribution and utilization solutions.

Assembly on site

Teams of professional installers are ready to support customers when final power plant assembly on site is required. In cases when local installation partners are not able to support with this function, Tyrro installation teams are able to get the job done.

Start-up on site

This service is usually already included in the value of deliverable Tyrro modular power plants. Otherwise, a certified local partner could implement start-up and commissioning if such partner exists in the given market.