Modularity and space saving

Modularity is one of the most important technologies employed at Tyrro. It lies as a basis for utmost efficient logistics and installation on site. All Tyrro items are designed in such a way that separate modules can be easily placed on trucks for cheap shipping as well as later can be assembled back together with maximum speed on specific site of final application. Space saving comes as a subsequent technology, as when designing for modularity engineers have to be extremely careful with space. As a result, these two technologies save expensive square meters for property owners as well as material costs for investors.


Applied heating technologies in Tyrro modular plants are quite vast, but essential ones can be listed as follows: geothermal, seawater and air source heat pumps, electric and gas boilers, thermal solar panels, various heat exchanger technologies to connect to external energy source as well as waste energy utilization. Tyrro helps customers to utilize extensive range of heating technologies and to custom-build a heating solution so that heating output is utmost efficient.


Quite often modular Tyrro plants employ reversible heat pump technologies (when both heating and cooling are available) as well as free cooling option from boreholes or seawater. Such system set up is optimal for mild and northern climate zones, while for southern climate zones chiller machines, dry coolers, cooling towers, phase change materials in combination with chillers, absorption and exhaust heat utilization technologies are used. Depending on the given built environment and customer situation, best alternative is always designed.

Energy storage

In the age of rising renewable energy sources, energy storage is an inevitable part of energy system as energy production and consumption is not equal at all times. Tyrro plants utilize following energy storage technologies: thermal storage using water or phase change materials, borehole thermal energy storage, solid state batteries as well as direct PV electricity conversion to hot water. Energy storage solutions are typically designed as an integral part of Tyrro plant concept so that installed power and price per delivered kWh of energy are reduced to minimum.

Energy generation

Part of power plant applications require electricity generation either as reserve power or as combined heat and power generation. In such cases, three major types of technologies are used: photovoltaic electricity generation + storage, natural gas or diesel generators and fuel cells. These solutions provide at least partial energetic independence.


Control and automation technologies crown the spotless function of modular plants. With decades of experience in automation Tyrro engineers operate with a wide variety of automation technologies to create long lasting and efficient result. To name the few technologies at hand: safe connection (VPN), 3rd party system integration via communication protocols (Modbus, BACnet, LON, M-Bus), web based monitoring or/and SCADA, IOT (internet of things). As a result, customer gets a plant with integrated automation, management of internal and external processes, monitoring as well as remote and safe access.

Water treatment

One of quite frequent functions at Tyrro modular plants is domestic or technological hot water preparation. This function not only requires energy input, but also incorporation of water treatment. In order to ensure such function a variety of technologies are used, to name the few: microfiltration, reverse osmosis, distillation, ultraviolet treatment, ion exchange and others.

Air treatment

When modular plants are located in close vicinity to main engineering systems of the building/-s, like roofs, basements or external walls, it is quite rational to include ventilation function as a part of a plant. If such function is included, many benefits for the investor are revealed: air intake is efficiently preheated as the heating source is few meters away at max; air handling unit integration, connection and cabling is done at factory floor; air handling unit automation, control and monitoring become integral part of modular plant automation; on-site installers are only left with low skill ductworks inside building. Technologies like adiabatic cooling, heat pump based heat recovery, heat pump based cooling + DHW preparation and etc. are easy to integrate in such case.


So many technologies are employed and developed at Tyrro products, that for more specific details company representatives have to be contacted directly, as it is physically not reasonable to list everything on the website. Please accept a kind invitation to take a contact with your nearest representative of Tyrro!